Meet the Team

I am available on the yard every day to work with clients with their horses. The yard is manned with my experienced team from 7.15am till 4.00pm but clients are welcome to use the facilities outside of those hours. We have a floodlit outdoor school for darker evenings with a full set of show jumps. Most of my liveries are ‘assisted liveries’ so clients ride their own horses and I and my dedicated team are responsible for all the care side of the horse.  We can make sure the horse is happy and well even when clients are away on holiday.  Turnout is available all year round due to our well draining sunny position and extensive grazing.

I breed from well known stallions and we produce one or two well handled foals every year who are usually for sale. I start their education with ‘natural horsemanship’ so they are sensible and easy to handle.

We have wonderful safe hacking so the horses learn to go forward and navigate hills at an early age. We are hugely supported by Amanda O’Gorman and her fantastic team at Gibbs Marsh vets.



Much of our work comes from horses who need rehabilitation and ‘kissing spine’ recovery is a speciality.  We work closely with Lisa and Fred Ford at South West Equine Treadmill, at South Cheriton on core strengthening and straightening.  This is essential for any horse with limb or back weaknesses and we find it a vital tool in keeping our horses backs strong and working straight. I train with Lyla Cansfield who is one of the best Natural Horsemanship trainers in the UK and we work together with any horses who have behavioural problems.

Libbie Cordle is our regular physio specialist and and she often collaborates with Georgie from Gibbs Marsh vets who works with horses who are suffering from chronic problems which need acupuncture. Tigga Barnes and Sam Shanks are our farriers who keep all the horses on the road.

‘Ettie with Lisa Ford at the South West Equine Water Treadmill’